Privacy Policy


The “Associação Ciência, Inovação e Saúde de Braga”, Center for Health Innovation, hereinafter designated “B.ACIS”, is a non-profit association that has its scope of work in matters of innovation, advanced scientific training and specialised research and development services.

B.ACIS is a unit of the School of Medicine of the University of Minho and has its headquarters at the following address:

Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde Campus de Gualtar
Universidade do Minho, 4710-057 Braga, Portugal


This privacy and data protection policy hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”, describes the general terms of privacy and processing of the personal data collected as user of B.ACIS’ webpage, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR.

In B.ACIS, our commitment is to work towards the goal of complete privacy, confidentiality and transparency in the way we manage personal data.

The present information concerns the processing of personal data of users of B.ACIS’ website www.b-acis .pt.
The process of managing the personal data collected may allow, among other purposes, depending on independent individual consent given, the development and promotion of our services according to the specific needs of the users.

This Privacy Policy establishes the way B.ACIS uses and manages personal data as follows:

1. Data Protection Officer

For further clarification or in case you consider that your rights concerning your data are not properly processed, you can contact the Data protection officer (DPO) using the following:


2. Gathering and processing of personal data

To establish its activities, B.ACIS can ask for the following data:
Name, address, phone number, e-mail, educational qualifications, city, country, ID number, profession, work position, workplace, institution of studies, student card number, photo; bank account number, for financial transactions concerning the activities and events registered; other data concerning the enrollment in any activity promoted by B.ACIS.

B.ACIS can as well collect image and sound of its activities to document its events and further promote it in its media channels. Anyone has the right of rejecting this use of this specific data and can do so reaching out to the organization members or directly with the DPO.
B.ACIS will use your contacts to inform you about its services and events, specifically:


o Date and place of occurrence;
o Training program
o Technical support;
o Fraud prevention and detection


B.ACIS can still send you messages or promotional e-mails and newsletters, in the assurance that the first contact will depend on prior permission by the data subject. This option of processing can also be rejected anytime by means described in section 1 “Data Protection Officer”.

The processing of personal data is exclusively on the scope of the tasks of authorized personnel from B.ACIS or by any other external part, after assuring all the confidentiality agreements and obligations.


B.ACIS will manage collected personal data according with any interantional and national law concerning personal data collection. Users under 18 years old need to collect parental advisory approval to insert any personal data.

3. Data retention period

All the personal data collected will be kept for a period of 5 years as long as there is still consent by the data subject.
After this period of retention, B.ACIS will delete the data or anonymize it when it can be kept for its original purpose.

4. Data Subject Rights

According to the GDPR, any data subject has the right to:
o Access its personal data;
o Correct or alter its personal data;
o Its personal data to be deleted;
o Limit the processing of its personal data.

5. Hyperlinks access

B.ACIS website may contain direct links to other websites or platforms not managed by B.ACIS personnel. Those websites or platforms will be of partners and institutions B.ACIS has a collaboration with. B.ACIS is not responsible for the data collect on these webpages so it is advised the analysis and consent of the respectives’ privacy policies.

6. Revision and changes to this privacy policy

B.ACIS is responsible for and has the right to alter this privacy policy as it sees it needed. Any change or update to this privacy policy will be published on the website. The users must regularly consult any changes on the information provided in this privacy policy.