TechTour Digital Health 2022 - Um encontro entre startups tecnológicas, investidores e indústria

A Escola de Medicina da UMinho promove encontro de startups tecnológicas, investidores e indústria no TechTour Digital Health 2022
Mariana Peixoto (B.ACIS) 6 Setembro 2022

The importance of IP portfolio optimisation

Bringing a new technology breakthrough to the market is a complex process. Here are some questions and answers that should be kept in mind.
Mariana Peixoto (B.ACIS) 13 Abril 2022

Why do academic researchers find patents SCARY?

Patents are instrumental in securing funding for innovation: most funding schemes expect the researchers to be able to guarantee that their results are nov[...]
Marta Catarino (B.ACIS) 31 Outubro 2021