Termos e Condições


The “Associação Ciência, Inovação e Saúde de Braga”, Center for Health Innovation, hereinafter designated “B.ACIS”, is a non-profit association that has its scope of work in matters of innovation, advanced scientific training, and specialized research and development services. By accessing this website the user is accepting the terms and conditions described below.

Structure and scope of the Website

This website is only accessed by its domain b-acis.pt for each B.ACIS is responsible. To access and navigate this website there will not be needed a login or any kind of registration process. It will only be required a name and e-mail contact in case the user wants to send a private message over the “Contact” page.

Revision and changes to Terms & Conditions

B.ACIS is responsible for and has the right to alter this privacy policy as it sees it needed. Any change or update to this privacy policy will be published on the website. The users must regularly consult any changes on the information provided.

Download or copy of contents

It is permitted to download any material available with a download option on the website. Any material available for download is property of B.ACIS or its partners so that any change or misappropriation of the contents will be reported to the competent authorities. If the user wants to copy or print any content provided on the B.ACIS website it must be asked for permission.

Hyperlinks access

B.ACIS only provides hyperlinks for websites or platforms of its partners or collaborative institutions or enterprises for reference of support in specific events and services presented. B.ACIS is not responsible for the user’s activity on the platforms and websites directed by the hyperlinks accessed by the user. It is advised that the user is aware and analyses the respective terms and conditions of each webpage accessed.

Access to the website

B.ACIS has committed to maintaining and monitored that this website is available for access at any time, although it is not responsible for any technical malfunction out of its expertise. In case the website is down and not available, B.ACIS commits to take as little time as possible to fix the issue. For any planned intervention, the website will present a notice.