15 - 16 March 2024


from basic to expertise

5th Edition

15th March:

  • Live Endoscopy

16th March:

  • ERCP Course for Residents
  • Crash Course of ERCP for Nurses

Hospital de Santa Luzia | Viana do Castelo

Registrations open
Scientific endorsement
  • Overview

    In order to acquire competency in ERCP it is essential not only to master the use of a duodenoscope and cannulate the appropriate duct, but also to interpret a cholangiogram and be proficient in the various therapeutic techniques. Other essential skills, often overlooked include the detailed knowledge of the indications, risks, limitations, and measures to prevent some potentially life-threatening complications.


    ERCP courses, which provide simultaneously the state-of-the-art essentials of the technique and offer the opportunity for hands-on training, are scarce worldwide.


    During this 2 days course, trainees and junior GI specialists will have the opportunity to practice and refine essential ERCP skills in specialized exclusive models supervised by our faculty, on an intensive hands-on experience. Concise up-to-date reviews regarding ERCP will be provided. Live demonstrations will occur in the morning of the first day, with step-by-step discussions of alternative actions that will allow close interaction with the faculty.

  • Organizing Committee

    Course Directors
    Jorge Canena
    Luis Lopes

    Honorary President
    Manuel Liberato

    Course Committee
    Alda Andrade  | Isabel Tarrio | João Fernandes | Marta Moreira | Rita Ribeiro | Tarcísio Araújo

    Nurse Committee
    Anabela Parente | Rafael Oliveira

  • Faculty

    National Faculty

    Alexandre Ferreira, Loures
    Anabela Parente, Viana do Castelo
    Aníbal Ferreira, Braga
    António Alberto Santos, Lisboa
    António Banhudo, Castelo Branco
    António Marques, Lisboa
    Artur Machado, Vila Real
    Bruno Gonçalves, Braga
    Bruno Peixe, Faro
    Bruno Rosa, Guimarães
    Carlos Costa Santos, Lisboa
    Cidalina Caetano, Porto
    David Horta, Amadora
    Eugénia Cancela, Viseu
    Filipe Vilas Boas, Porto
    Germano Guimarães, Famalicão
    Gonçalo Ramos, Lisboa
    Isabel Cotrim, Leiria

    Isabel Jardim, Madeira
    João Coimbra
    , Lisboa
    João Cortez Pinto
    , Lisboa
    Jorge Canena, Lisboa
    Jorge Silva, Penafiel
    Luís Lobo, Porto
    Luís Lopes, Viana do Castelo
    Luís Lourenço, Amadora
    Margarida Sampaio, Portimão
    Nuno Almeida, Coimbra
    Nuno Nunes, Açores
    Paulo Salgueiro, Porto
    Pedro Moutinho, Porto
    Pedro Pereira, Porto
    Ricardo Freire, Setúbal
    Ricardo Rio-Tinto, Lisboa
    Rui Loureiro, Lisboa
    Rui Palma, Lisboa
    Tarcísio Araújo, Viana do Castelo

    International Faculty

    Alexander Arlt

    Hamburg, Germany

    Axel Eickhoff

    Hanau, Germany

    Eloy Sánchez Hernandez

    Ourense, Spain

    Enrique Dominguez Munõz

    Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    Jacques Déviere

    Brussels, Belgium

    Jan-Werner Poley

    Maastricht, The Netherlands

    Javier Jimenez

    Santander, Spain

    Johannes Roth

    Fulda, Germany

    Juan J Vila

    Pamplona, Spain

    Leopoldo López Rosés

    Lugo, Spain

    Pietro Familiari

    Rome, Italy

    Stefan Golder

    Aalem, Germany

    Tony Tham

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Vicente Póns Beltran

    Valência, Spain

  • Program

    Conference Sessions

    Live Endoscopy

    Live from Viana do Castelo Hospital, Portugal

    ERCP Course for Residents

    Crash Course of ERCP for Nurses

  • Registration

    Registrations open.
    For more information contact training@b-acis.pt



    • Specialists – 300 €
    • Residents – 100 €


    • Day 1 – 75 €
    • Day 1 + Day 2 – 150 €

    Target Group

    • Residents of Gastroenterology
    • Gastroenterologists
    • Nurses

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