14 to 16 Oct 2021


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Gynecological Surgery

UMinho | Braga

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  • Overview.

    This three-day course and hands-on workshop are designed to educate attendees in the art and science of laparoscopic suturing and provide “step by step” techniques for performing laparoscopic gynecological procedures. It is a unique opportunity to learn and perform laparoscopic dissection and use different types of energies (electrosurgery, ultrasonics, stapling) on live tissue. Lectures will be evidence-based and will include extensive surgical videos. The hands-on session will include extraperitoneal pelvic and lombo-aortic lymphadenectomy on live mini-pigs in an experimental lab. Additional topics will include the laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis and oncological scenarios, pelvic reconstruction, normal and abnormal anatomy, and complications (identification and resolution by laparoscopy in a swine model).

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