26 - 28 September 2024

Microsurgical Anastomosis

  • Hands-on training in microsurgery lab
  • Lessons by experts
  • In vivo and dry lab models

  • Overview

    Throughout human history, organ or limbs transplants were largely represented in the old textbooks but these procedures with vascular anastomosis of small vessels were only successful after the work of Jacobson and Suarez, in 1960, which used the microscope to help the suture act. After that, in 1965, KOMATSU performed the first successful replantation of a thumb.


    This relatively new technique requires a great effort, perseverance and a long learning curve. The practice allows the young surgeon to improve the surgical technique and at the same time acquire a correct handling of the tissues.


    The failure in experimental conditions is unpleasant but when happens in clinical practice its consequences are dramatic. So it is only the intensive training in animal model that ensures the confidence and technical skill critical to success.


      • Learn to use the material (microscope, instruments)
      • Practical Learning in the laboratory animal (sciatic nerve, aorta artery, carotid artery, jugular vein. femoral vessels)
      • Perform neural anastomosis
      • Perform vascular anastomosis (termino-terminal and termino-lateral)

  • Organizing Committee

    Nuno Sevivas (Braga)

    Alexandre Pereira (Porto)

    Pedro Mota (Porto)

  • Program


    Hands-on sessions

    Hands-on training using in-vivo and dry lab models in a surgical training lab


    Hands-on sessions personally followed by expert surgeons of the field

    Preliminary Program
  • Registration

    Registrations are open.
    Please, fill out the registration form to register for the course.
    For more information contact training@b-acis.pt

    Target Group

    Orthopedic Surgeons, General Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Urologists, Veterinarians


    11 participants


    • 800 €

    Includes all the necessary material for the lab sessions, coffee breaks and lunches, and certificate of attendance.

  • More information

    Traveling by plane:
    The nearest airport to the city of Braga is Sá Carneiro Airport, in Maia, Porto.


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    Recommended accommodation:
    Hotel Meliã (closest to the course venue)
    Hotel B&B Lamaçães (close to the course venue)
    Hotel Porta Nova Collection House (city center)


    To visit:
    – Get to know Braga (visit website)

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